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A digital digital camera (or digicam) is a digital camera that encodes digital photos and films digitally and

retailers them for later on replica.[1] Most cameras bought these days are digital,[2] and digital cameras

are included into quite a few gadgets ranging from PDAs and cellular phones (termed digital camera phones) to


Digital and movie cameras share an optical system, ordinarily utilizing a lens with a variable diaphragm

to concentrate gentle onto an graphic pickup machine.[3] The diaphragm and shutter admit the accurate amount of money of

gentle to the imager, just as with movie but the graphic pickup machine is digital somewhat than

chemical. However, unlike movie cameras, digital cameras can show photos on a screen instantly

right after getting recorded, and retail outlet and delete photos from memory. Lots of digital cameras can also document

moving video with seem. Some digital cameras can crop and sew pics and accomplish other

elementary graphic modifying.

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