Usb cable for kodak easyshare quick share digital digicam




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Suitable With KODAK: Image Body Dock, Z1485 IS, C Series C1013, C Series C310, C Series C315, C Series C330, C Series C340, C Series C360, C Series C433, C Series C503, C Series c513, C Series C530, C Series C533, C Series C603, C Series C613, C SeriesValued deal involves: one X USB Info Cable
a hundred% Brand name New merchandise
Type: Generic / Aftermarket
Best Substitute for the unique Kodak U-eight cable.
Make sure you pair use with KODAK USB A/V Connector when employing this cable for the following products: M873 / M883 / M1033 / V530 / V570 /
V603 / V610 / V705 / V1073 / V1233 / V1253 / V1273



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